Our Lenses

Glasses are not just about the frames - the lens choice is also crucial.
These days a lens is not just a lens!

Quality Lenses

Here at K S Naru Opticians, in order to find the right lenses for you, we can discuss your lifestyle, visual needs and wants. Then taking your prescription in to account, can provide you with your optimum lens choices.

Lenses these days can be a real mine field. There are single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, varifocal lenses. Not to mention differing lens materials, different coatings on lenses and all the types of tints available. We can discuss all the options with you and provide you with lenses tailored to you specific requirements.

Is a lot of your day spent looking at screens, tablets or smart phones? Well there are coatings available to ease the visual fatigue that looking at these devices all day can cause.

Click on the Essilor link below, and click on the products tabs to find out more about lens coatings, varifocals, and transition lenses and their various benefits.